Laura Criddle
LAURA M. CRIDDLE PhD, RN, TCRN, FAEN Chief Clinical Officer & Lead Nurse Planner Bio
Mary Evans
Mary Evans MS RN ONC OCNS-C Orthopaedic Nursing Review Bio
Rosemarie Girardeau
Rosemarie Girardeau BSN RN CNRN CCRN CEN Neuroscience Nursing Review Bio
Marylyn Kajs-Wyllie
Marylyn Kajs-Wyllie MSN RN CNRN CCRN APRN Stroke Nursing Review Bio
Serena Phromsivarak Kelly
Serena Phromsivarak Kelly MS RN CCRN CPEN FNP-BC Pediatric Critical Care Nursing Review Bio
Cheryl Randolph
Cheryl Randolph MSN RN CEN CPEN CCRN FNP-BC TCRN FAEN Emergency Nursing Review & Pediatric Emergency Nursing Review Bio
Christine Schulman
Christine Schulman MS RN CCRN CNS Adult Critical Care Nursing Review Bio
S. Kay Sedlak
S. Kay Sedlak MS RN CEN RN-BC FAEN Medical-Surgical Nursing Review Bio
Casey Shillam
Casey Shillam PhD RN-BC Gerontological Nursing Review Bio
Susan Thibeault
Susan Thibeault MS APRN CRNA CEN CCRN CFRN CTRN FP-C EMT-P CCP-C Flight and Ground Transport Nursing Review & Flight and Ground Transport Paramedic Review Bio
Kyla Woodward
Kyla Woodward MN RN PCCN CCRN Progressive Care Nursing Review Bio